NISCA All-America Diving Sponsorship

NISCA is a professional organization that supports High School coaches of all aquatic sports. They are dedicated to coaches education and athlete recognition through the All America programs. NISCA allows opportunities for coaches to network and exchange knowledge and experience. eDive has partnered with and is now a proud sponsor of NISCA All America diving.

Here is a note direct from NISCA:
NISCA is excited to announce its partnership with CleanEntries LLC, the makers of eDive and This company provides an outstanding software package called eDive which is used to manage and run diving competitions across the country. eDive along with it's online registration counterpart, provide a complete solution for your diving meets!

As an official sponsor we are also offering NISCA members a discount on the price of a new license. Please contact our sales department for more information.

The Run Event screen has been updated

Current diver information
Timing Systems
The information on the Run Event screen has been updated. We've moved a few things around to make the information easier to find and read. Connecting to a timing system has been updated/consolidated. You will now notice a large button right above the leaderboard that you can click to get access to the various timing systems you can connect to. We also changed the area showing the scores needed by the current diver to catch specific places. Formerly we showed the total number of points needed by the current diver. For those mathmatically challenged we have updated that to now show the actual judges awards needed to catch that specific place.

New and Improved Daktronics Integration

We have a new and improved integration with Daktronics Omnisport timing systems! eDive now supports BOTH a serial Omnisport connection AND the Network version of the Omnisport. The entire interface/connection has been updated to make it simple to connect. No more having to upload your event to the timer. Nothing to upload, no other software needed ... just hit the connect button and you're done! This new integration also allows you to run ANY kind of event you want. If the event runs in eDive then it will run thru your Omnisport AND it will show up on your scoreboard! Combining multiple events with different number of rounds? No problem. Combining events and splitting them across different boards? No problem!

Updated Timing system interfaces

We have updated how eDive connects with other timing systems. We've made the whole process simpler to implement and use. How you connect to these systems on the eDive run event screen has been simplified to make it easier to find and use. Screenshots of those changes are shown below.
Another exciting change that has come about because of these updates is that we now have the capability to allow you to mix and match judging pads! Want to run a 5 judge event using your Daktronics or Colorado scoreboard but only have 3 judging pads? No problem! Just connect those 3 pads and then grab 2 people with iphones and connect eJudge for the remaining 2 judges! All 5 awards will show up on your scoreboard. Did one of your pads give out in the middle of your event? No problem. Either use a flash card or connect eJudge using someones iPhone and you're ready to go.
Timing Systems
Daktronics Config
  1. Click the Judging Systems button above the leader board
  2. Click the Enable Daktronics button
  3. Click the Configure button
Serial conenction
Netowrk connection
  1. Select the option for your setup. Choose either Serial connection or Network connection
  2. For a Serial connection please plug your Serial cable into the Omnisports EXPANSION port. For a Network connection make sure Networking is enabled in your Omnisport and you have an active network cable plugged into your Omnisport.
Serial conenction
Click the Connect button. You should see that the Omnisport is connected by viewing the status messages listed on the right side of the screen. You will also see a status of "CONNECTED" in green on the configuration screen. And if you have Daktronics judging pads connected you should see those judge numbers light up green on this screen. You can now close that window and start scoring your event.
Serial conenction
If you open the configuration screen while your event is running you will see the awards that have come in from any connected Daktronics judging pads.
There have been many other changes made including adding and updating numerous league rules, variations of NFHS rules, club, AAU and other rules updates. It's been a while since we updated our Latest News page but many other small improvements have been made to the overall program throughout the year to make it faster and easier to use.


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