Support is available for the current version of eDive. When you purchase or renew a license for eDive you are entitled to 12 months of support from your purchase/renewal date. This allows you to receive email and/or phone support as well as the ability to download and install any updates released for eDive within that 12 month period. Once your 12 month period expires the software will continue to work but you will not be able to download or use any updates for the software or receive email/phone support. Email is the preferred and the best way to reach us. You can use our contact form on the Company > Contact page to send us an email and we will respond. We do respond to your emails in the order in which they were received. You may also want to click here to review our Support FAQ page or by clicking on About > FAQ.

When is support available?

Support is available during the week, at night and on the weekends when needed. We will respond as quickly as we can. If you let us know ahead of time about your weekend meet we will more closely watch our email queue in case you need some help. The fastest way to reach us is to use the Contact form.


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