About Our Company

Our company is called CleanEntries LLC. We were established way back in 2001 and are located in Upstate New York. We are a small company with big aspirations! We've focused on one thing and we aim to do it well ... diving! There may be other companies out there that do something almost similar but nobody is as customer focused as we are. Our customers are divers, coaches and meet managers. We want to help you have and run the best meet of your life, everytime!

Our Products

We currently sell a product called eDive. eDive can be used to manage all of your meets whether it's a small dual meet or a national championship. You can click here to find out more about eDive. eDive can be purchased through our online store and it comes in a couple different flavors. Licensing information can be found right on our store at this link.

We also have created our own online registration website called CleanEntries.com. With it we collect all of your meet registration information including coaches, athletes, dive sheets, etc. and send them off to you when you are ready to run your meet. The only "work" that you would have to do is make any last minute sheet changes, set your diving order and print your sheets. That's all because we've done most of the work for you.

Our Contact Information

CleanEntries LLC
3795 Deer Meadow Run
Macedon, NY 14502

If you have a question then click here to use our contact form. It's the fastest way to reach us.


3795 Deer Meadow Run
Macedon, New York 14502
Phone: 585-317-9445
Fax: 888-909-0942
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