The huge GC Diving Invitational Meet went extremely well. We received many compliments from several coaches and teams. Thanks you both so much for your help with updates and tweaks on " (eDive) ". I put it through a big test, and it did very well. We ran simultaneous events. In total, we ran 42 events in 2 days." ... "Overall, this is a great program. Next meet I plan on running a wireless network with the tables. It should work great. Todd Johnson
BTW, the meet went very well, I had a judging panel of five with the "youngster" having over 15 years judging and each were prior NCAA divers. Your software caught errors in some of the sheets that they had already signed off on. Each time they had to agree your software was right and they had missed something. It was worth the price of your software to have them see me as a first year high school (swimming) official catching their errors with the computer program.
The program is so incredibly easy to use! Even those who may be afraid of a computer, or computer programs, will find the program a breeze to use. It is virtually impossible to mess things up! Very well thought out and structured. It's quite obvious that the collective minds who devised the program are very familiar with, and share a deep love for, the sport of diving. Thank you! Brad Szurgot
Head Coach - Kansas Jayhawks Diving
Jayhawks Diving Club
Thanks again for a smooth meet " (using eDive) " - after 25 years of doing this it was the best one yet. Linda Nolder
The program is the best of the best!!!

I have been involved in running the scoring for diving meets for the last ten (at least) years, from small Novice meets to National and International events. I have dulled many a pencil doing manual sheets and have used several of the computer applications available. This is a Windows based program with an interface that is both intuitive and user friendly, so much so that a club or organization can begin using it to run meets with a few hours practice. It provides pre-meet reports (including summary, dive order and dive sheets), post-meet reports (results, dive sheets with scores, detailed results of all scoring, team points, and a complete meet summary), and more. The event-running screen includes a leader-board and an interface with diving consoles. A built in DD calculator checks dive sheets for accuracy automatically.

The more you use it, the more of its many features you discover! It is the ultimate answer to running your dive meet easily and with accurate results. Penny Cano

As one of the Beta testers, I have nothing but great reviews for the program... Thank you for your hard work. The program not only makes it easier for meet directors, it's easier on parents and divers wanting to figure out what's going on!!! Having used the program for a number of meets now, I can honestly say that it rocks!!!! Jose Luis Rocha
I have been with this group since the beginning and feel that this is without doubt the best and easiest meet program I have ever seen and used. I use it for my high school meets, College meets and USD, I used it for Regionals last summer and without knowing all the tricks I ran (according to all the coaches) great meet on schedule and with a wireless network. Bill Boos
Head Diving Coach
SJSU / Santa Clara Divers
We like to run our diving events at the start of the meet instead of at the middle because you lose so much time in breaking down the pool and then setting it back up. If we do the diving as the first event, we only really incur the delay in setting up the lane lines after the diving is over. Of course, the counterpoint is that we are always rushed in checking the dive sheets. Now that I had the one week's experience with your software, for tonight's tri-meet I asked the visiting coaches to send me their divers dives in advance. (nothing fancy, just the name and the numerical/alpha identifiers: 401c, 203b, etc.) I told them I would go ahead and print out their dive sheets for them.

When they arrived, the dive sheets were all printed out and ready for signatures and all we had to handle was changes. When our visiting head official asked if she could help cross-check the dive sheets, I told her it was already done and she just needed to sign them since the computer had already checked it and the coaches had verified the dive order. Thanks for a very nice product! You got a lot of smiles tonight!


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