This page explains how to export your event results out of eDive so that you can import them into Hy-Tek's Meet Manager software.

For a standard 11 dive high school championship format event you run rounds 1-5 as prelims, rounds 6-8 as semi-finals and rounds 9-11 as finals.

  1. An event in Meet Manager (MM) needs to be defined in this format. Create your new event in MM and define it as a prelims/semis/finals event for high school having 11 dives. Write down the event number that is assigned to this event. You will need it later when exporting results from eDive.
  2. Run eDive and select from the menu ‘Meets/Edit a Meet’.
  3. Select the meet name from the dialog which then comes up and press ‘Go’.
  4. When the event information screen loads you will see a listing of all of the events defined in the meet you just selected. Select the event which you will be exporting. See the image below for an example:

    meet manager export
  5. Make sure the box labeled ‘This is a Finals event’ is checked off.
  6. Select ‘File’ from the menu and then ‘Save’.
  7. Close the event information screen.
  8. Select from the menu ‘File/Export/Hy-Tek Merge Results (HY3)’. You should be prompted with the following screen:

    meet manager export
  9. Select your meet from the dropdown box.
  10. All events that were checked as finals events will be listed. The export only applies to high school and NCAA type events.
  11. Select your event from this list and enter the MM event number in the column labeled ‘MM Event #’.
  12. Press <Enter> to save your changes to that row.
  13. At the bottom is a field labeled ‘Save the results to the following file’. Enter the path and name of the file you would like to save the exported results to.
  14. Press the ‘Export Results’ button.
  15. When complete you should get a dialog indicating the process completed. Click OK.
  16. Press the ‘Done’ button.
  17. Now place the file you created containing the exported results (from step 13) onto a floppy disk and copy it to the computer which has MM installed.
  18. Follow MM instructions to import a merge results file.


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