Using eDive you can have Live Results for any meet that you run ... that's right, any meet! You can have your judges scores show up on our website during your event so that your spectators can see the scores as they come in for every round! It's just a button click to turn on the feature in eDive while you are running your event. It's just that simple. You can read thru our frequently asked questions below to get more details.

Live Results - Frequently Asked Questions

What are Live Results?

Live Results allows spectators of your diving event, whether they are at the pool or at home, the ability to see the judges awards thrown for every dive. It engages the spectators in the event so that they can see exactly what is going on as it happens. As scores are given in the meet they are transmitted online in real time and displayed for anyone visiting that website to see.

What is required in order to enable Live Results?

In order to enable Live Results you will need eDive version 2.9.6 or higher and a current active maintenance agreement. If your maintenance has expired you will not be able to upload live results. You will also need a stable internet connection on the computer that you are running your event on. If you have an earlier version of eDive and your maintenance is current, then you can upgrade to the latest version for free. You can check what version you are running and when your maintenance runs out by opening eDive and selecting from the menus, Help->About.

Is there a charge to use Live Results?

No. Live Results is one more amazing feature of eDive that you can use at no additional charge.

How do I turn Live Results on?

Open eDive and run the event that you want to post live results for. On the run event screen there is a new button towards the bottom which is for turning Live Results on or off as in the screenshot below.
live results image
Click the button to turn the Live Results on. The Live Results dialog will be displayed as shown in the screenshot below.
live results image
This dialog shows you the current status (on or off) of Live Results. It also gives you a summary description of the process in the scrolling text area. When you are ready to turn Live Results on please click the button "Turn ON". You will then get a confirmation prompt. Click OK for that prompt.

Please be aware that if you do NOT have an internet connection when you try to turn on Live Results that your computer will still try to establish a connection. This will result in a long delay while it tries to establish the connection. This delay could be as long as 2 minutes or more. Your computer is not locked up while this check is going on. You need to wait for it to timeout before you can regain control.

How does Live Results work?

Every time you click the Save and Advance button in eDive the scores, as well as a lot of other information, are sent up to the CleanEntries website. This upload of information will add one or more seconds to the save and advance process depending on how fast your internet conenction is. While the information is being uploaded you will see a little status bar appear next to the Live Results button. When the results have been completely sent the status bar will disappear. The status bar is shown in the screenshot below.
live results image

How does Live Results work when I run a combined event?

Combined events work almost the same way as individual events. The difference is that when the information is uploaded to the website you will see a separate link for each event within your combined event. So if you have combined the boys 1m and girls 1m into one event then the live results page will show one link for boys 1m and another link for girls 1m.

Where do I tell my spectators to go to view the Live Results online?

Please visit and click the link for Live Results at the top of the page. This will take you to a page which lists all events that currently have Live Results enabled for them. Look for your meet and event in the list and click the button "Watch LIVE". If your event is not listed then you have not turned on Live Results from within eDive.

Can I post a link on my website to take visitors directly to the Live Results web page for my event(s)?

Yes. Please click the Live Results button on the run event screen within eDive. You will be presented with a screen like the one displayed below.
live results image
Scroll to the bottom of the text area. You will see some html code that you can copy/paste to an appropriate location on your website. This html will display links that will go directly to the live results screen for that event. If you are running a combined event then you will see links for each event within that combined event.

The upload appears to work but I don't see my events on the website. Why?

Check to make sure you have a valid working internet connection. Verify that you can go to a web site like If that works then you can check the Live Results log file for errors. Please click the Live Results button on the run event screen within eDive. On the dialog which comes up please click the button "View Log File". This will bring up the Live Results log file. Please scroll to the bottom to see the most recent logged messages. If there were any errors during the upload process then they will be listed here. If that information does not help you solve the issue then please contact support for further help.


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