Welcome to the Email Entries page. This page allows you to email your entries to the host of a meet. You can enter your athlete and dive list information and have that emailed to the meet host. The meet host can then import those entries directly into eDive. Entries are submitted for one event at a time. So you will have to come back to this page for each event your athletes will be competing in.
Disclaimer: By using this form you acknowledge that CleanEntries LLC is not liable for the correctness of your entries or for submitting them by your entry deadline. It is your responsibilty and you assume all liability for submitting your entries on time and for their correctness. It is up to you to make sure your entries have been received by the meet host.

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During the next step you will be asked to enter information about your athletes and the list of dives they will be performing for this event. Click the Next Step button to continue.


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