Do you have a meet you are running soon? Would you like your coaches and athletes to register online so you don't have to input dive sheets? Would you like your dive sheets validated for you? Would you like us to collect your meet entry fees? Would you like all of your entries downloaded and imported into eDive so that the only thing you have to do is set your diving order and run your events? Then we have the solution for you!
We have an online registration website called CleanEntries at where all of this is setup. You send in your meet information and all of the details about your events and we'll do the rest. Coaches and athletes can login and enter their dive lists. The lists are validated immediately so you know you're getting correct entries. They can also print nicely formatted dive sheets right from the website at any time.

Event entry fees can also be securely collected right from the website. And unlike other online sites, they do not have to pay after every event entry. They can register for all of their events and then pay for all of their registrations with one transaction! And we also allow the coach the option of paying for their athletes. So once all of their divers have registered, the coach can login and pay for all of their athletes entries with one transaction or they can pick and choose who they pay for!

Don't want us to collect your entry fees? Not a problem at all! Let us setup your meet for online registrations. You collect all of your entry fees any way you want to and we'll collect all of your entries. Once online registrations close you will get all of your entries from us. We don't charge anything for this service. We don't charge you. We don't charge the coaches. And we definitely do not charge the athletes. It's free if you are collecting the money.

You can click here to visit the CleanEntries website to learn more about it.


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