With eDive all of your meet results can be made available online for everyone to see. There is no additional cost to have this capability and you only need a current eDive license in order to use it. Anyone can view your meet results, see where their athletes placed and what their score was. They can even print a dive sheet for anyone in the meet.
And this doesn't just apply to new meets that you are running. This also applies to almost any meet in the past that you've run with eDive. Do you have a meet that you ran 3, 4 or even 5 or more years ago with eDive? Just bring up that meet in eDive and click Online > Upload Meet Results. Your results will be uploaded and made available online for everyone! Please go back through your old meets and upload those results so that your parents and athletes can have someplace to go to see all of their past meets.
We have created an online registration website called www.CleanEntries.com. Through that site you can enable online registrations for any meet that you are running. There is no additional cost to enable this and all you need is a current eDive license. But also on that site is where we host all of our meet results. Within eDive, once you're meet is done, you can upload your meet results to the website with just a click of a button. Once uploaded anyone can visit the site and view the results. You can see where your athletes placed in their events, what their score was and even print a complete dive sheet with totals and judges awards.
You can view what other meet hosts have uploaded on the CleanEntries website by clicking the link below. Or just go to www.CleanEntries.com and click the Results link at the top of the page.

www.CleanEntries.com - Meet Results


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